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Postpartum home visit - pack of three

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Home visits are the most helpful and nurturing appointments for you as a new mother. You may have many questions and worries you'd like to address and knowing that we have amble time allocated for your home visit you can relax and know that I am there to support you, offer you advice and give you the time you need. 

Home visits can cover the following: 

  • Lactation and breastfeeding support 
  • Nutrition advise and planning
  • Pathology referrals
  • Mental health support
  • Birth debriefing and recovery support
  • Lifestyle support and advice (how to manage your life with a baby in tow) 
  • Newborn naturopathy care 

Please note my job as a naturopath and doula does not substitute medical care and advice. My work is an addition for women and families who wish to have flexible and wholistic support available in your home.

I work closely with medical providers to ensure you have the most comprehensive support you and your baby will need.