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Starting Solids online program.

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Starting your baby on solid food is a major milestone. The first few years of a child's life is when the foundation of his or her long-term immune and gut health get imprinted. That means that what you expose your child to is going to have long term effects and this is why being informed about how to best start your baby on a healthy journey with food is so important. 

With my clinical and personal experience, I am sharing the insights to starting solids to help you be confident and know how to support your baby the best! It truly makes a difference when you feed your baby the right foods and don't fall into the many fads and food marketing traps that can be so very hard to navigate through. 

I help you understand what foods to start with and which foods should be introduced later. I educate you on how the food impacts your baby and how you can use food to strengthen your child’s immune and digestive system from the very beginning. 

I wholeheartedly believe this is a time to really pay attention to how you help your baby connect, bond, and feel about food.

Each child has a unique blueprint - knowing the familial predispositions will help us plan for the best way to support your child as they develop and grow. These factors really define the foundation of your baby’s health – the platform on which they will build their long wonderful lives. Start right, and the rest will be effortless.

This is relevant for you when your baby is 2-4 months or anytime before your baby is 8 months. 

Here are a few comments from my previous parents after they did the online program:


"I feel a lot more comfortable now. I was a little anxious before the talk but now I'm a lot more relaxed about it. Thank you very much. It was amazing!"


"This course gave me all the information I needed to feel confident about starting solids with my baby. I loved the fact that it was short and simple to follow, and gave explanations as to why certain foods should be introduced at different times. It's so handy to have the pdf document as a support that I can go back to anytime."


"Anna-Maria's Starting Solids course was extremely useful. I loved the way she presented information in a way that was easy to digest but still provided the reasons for her suggestions so I could run it past my own "does-it-apply-to-me-ometer". The length of the course was perfect for busy mums to get started. I will be recommending it to other mums for sure!"