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The Fourth Trimester Online webinar

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Overcome any fears, uncertainty or worries you have about motherhood and start the new chapter in your life with your baby in a confident, prepared and informed way.

Most mothers (and partners) are in the dark about what life is going to be once you have your baby in your arms, leave them at high risk of feeling overwhelmed. Most couples focus solely on the birth of their baby but very few spend enough time preparing and understanding how important the first year after birth is. This webinar with Anna-Maria will help you understand what is ahead after the birth of your baby.

By knowing what to expect and learning how you can prepare yourself (and your family) you are more likely to be in tune with your baby, be healthier and recover more smoothly. With the knowledge gained from this event, you can reduce your chances of postnatal depression, depletion and anxiety.

Anna-Maria shares from her clinic knowledge and research of nearly 10 years experience of helping new mothers in her clinic, and from her hands-on support as a doula with more than 50+ births and postnatal in-home session, as well as her own life wisdom of raising her three daughters in a holistic and mindful way. 

You will be taken through the initial stages of the fourth trimester till the baby's first birthday. We will cover your nutritional needs, lifestyle settings, sleep preparation, lactation and feeding your baby solids as well as family dynamics and much more. 

"There were so many beneficial parts to the seminar. I loved the practical tips re preparing ingredients for a sitz bath; the discussions re ways to include your partner; the lists of recommended foods to avoid during breastfeeding (I had not even thought of the fact that colic or gas could be reduced or avoided through the avoidance of certain foods by Mum - but of course that makes sense!); and also the mindset questionnaire - I am yet to complete this but it has some really helpful tools there to share with my partner."

An overview of some of the things you will learn: 

  • What you can do to heal and recover smoothly after birth

  • Understand how your body changes after birth and how you can make sure you meet your nutritional needs (this will touch on weight management!)

  • What are the risk factors for postpartum depression, depletion and anxiety - and how to minimise your chance of suffering

  • know how to attend to your baby's needs and what not to do - this will set you up for a beautiful bonding and connection with your baby

  • Learn what the fourth trimester is and what you can do to have peaceful and low stress start to your motherhood journey

  • Get the insight you need to have a successful breastfeeding experience and know the pitfalls and how to get help

  • How to express your needs (to your partner and family) and ensure you get the support you require in the early days and weeks after birth.

  • A simple intro guide to starting solids for your baby - from a naturopathic perspective.  

    "I highly recommend Anna-Maria's "The Fourth Trimester" seminar and I am so glad that this was brought to my awareness during my pregnancy. There was so much helpful information provided, including the importance of self-care, nutrition and planning for a support network, that I feel is often left out of the conversation in many other pregnancy resources. I have walked away from the seminar with much more knowledge and confidence about the next step beyond the birth and do think that this advance preparation and forethought will be helpful in navigating the first few months postpartum"
    The online program consists of:
    • Recorded Audio 
    • PDF booklet
    • Mental health worksheet